Five Tips to Get Your Chula Vista Condo Noticed

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In Chula Vista, condos abound on the real estate market, so much so that it might seem downright impossible when you decide to sell. It is true that condominiums can present some challenges for sellers, but if you were attracted to your condo when you bought it, there are bound to be interested buyers in today’s market who will feel the same way. A condo can offer many advantages: convenient maintenance, affordable homeownership, a sense of community, and a plethora of amenities right in the building. It’s just a matter of using the right real estate marketing tactics to make sure your condo is getting noticed by the right buyers so you can sell those amazing features. Here are five tips to help you reach that goal:

1. Create a Website

It isn’t difficult or expensive to build websites these days, especially if you choose an intuitively designed template and spend some time checking out other real estate websites for inspiration. Make sure to use a lot of high-quality images featuring all the rooms of the condo, attractive shots of the building and any amenities you think buyers would want to see. Make sure the condo is clean and furnished, and all the photos are well-lit. Also, include as many details as possible in the description.

2. Design Matching Brochures  

In Chula Vista, condos are for the most part advertised with some sort of brochure; that’s nothing new. If you’re going to sell your condo, you’ll undoubtedly have brochures made up, but if you want to stand out and project a professional image, you will want to make sure they match the website. This will help people remember your condo’s “brand” when they think back on all the properties they’ve looked at.

3. Circulate Postcards

In addition to all the advertising you’re doing online and in the local area, it’s also a good idea to circulate postcards around your condominium building to let everyone know you’re selling your property. They may just know someone who is interested in moving to the building.

4. Get a Good Appraisal

When you pay to have your home appraised, make sure the appraiser quotes you the highest possible value. This number is what you should use in your advertising, but make sure to set your asking price a little lower – perhaps 5% lower than comparable homes in the area – so buyers feel like they’re getting a great deal.

5. Pay the Closing Costs

Another way to entice buyers with a bargain is by offering to pay off all their closing costs. This large amount of cash that buyers have to come up with upfront can be a huge burden considering the new mortgage payment they’re also taking on, so the savings can really make a difference.


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