Things to Know When In Chula Vista Eastlake Short Sales

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Having trouble making your mortgageChula Vista Short Sales payment each month? If so, you are not alone. For many people who have been faced with the down turn of the economy or a recent job loss, mortgage payments may feel overwhelming. For residents all across San Diego County – from Oceanside to Chula Vista Eastlake, short sales are becoming a viable option.

Basically put, this approach is where the bank agrees to take less than you owe on your home.  If you are “upside down” on your home – the balance you owe is more than the overall value – you may want to consider this type of home sale to get out of paying a high monthly mortgage.

While this can be ideal for some people, it is not perfect for everyone. Here are a few important things you should know as you consider whether this option is right for you.

  • You will (probably) be able to purchase a new home – Some people are concerned with this approach because they are worried it will have a negative impact on their credit score. However, short selling doesn’t necessarily mean you are sacrificing your ability to purchase a new home. While there may be some restrictions on the size and type of home you can purchase, you often will still have the option to buy another home in the near future.
  • You do not have to be late on your payments – We’ve all heard that counter-intuitive advice: Stop making your mortgage payments. In certain situations, people are advised to be purposefully late on their payments in an effort to show hardship. When you consider a short sale, this is not always the case. There are exceptions, such as selling your home for a job relocation, where you may still be eligible for this sales approach even if you are not late on your payments.
  • Your credit score might not be ruined – With the economic crisis, many people are concerned about the impact to their credit score if they take actions such as selling their home for less than what they owe. It’s important to keep in mind that the impact to your credit score is different for everyone, and is determined by a number of factors. In addition to working with experienced real estate agents, you should also discuss the specifics of your situation with your tax attorney or CPA.

In Chula Vista, short sales can be successfully and expertly navigated and negotiated by real estate agents who have the expertise and a proven track record in this type of real estate transaction. Let us help you determine whether this approach is right for you and your family.

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Team Ratcliffe - McMillin Realty

I wanted to take a momment to give credit where credit is due. I met Matt Gover from Team Radcliff when I was out looking for a property in Eastlake. I met Matt at an open house and asked him for assistance in location a house with all amenties we required.

Matt was exceptional in finding multiple propertyies that we were able to veiw. My wife and I were impressed of the ongoing commitment and number of locations he brought us to for viewing.

The house we went into contract on, was a property that had just fallen out of escrow. Matt was on the spot and we made an immediate offer, this avoided the multiple offer bidding process.

We closed on the house and this one would have been missed if it wasn't for Matt "the bird dog" Gover!

Thanks Matt ----Bob and Gladys, 3/29/2010

Joe Gover is hands down the best realtor in SD! He was always willing to meet us whenever we wanted to view a property no matter how short of a notice. We were first time homebuyers and had plenty of questions for Joe and he would always provide answers to make sure we understood. We met many realtors through our homebuying experience and the process of finding the PERFECT realtor stopped when we met Joe! He REALLY looked out for our best interest and really wanted to make sure we were going to be happy with our new home. He is an excellent communicator making sure you are completely aware of what is going on so that there is no question at all. He was ON IT! Joe went above and beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend him to anybody. Thanks to Joe's hard work we were able to close on a short sell 2 months after we placed our offer on the home. We couldn't thank him enough. ---- Michelle B, 5/13/2012


I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate the extraordinary service and support that Team Ratcliffe, and Joe Gover delivered. Joe went above and beyond his call of duty when it came to ensuring that we got what we paid for. His honesty, friendly nature and completely professional attitude was nothing short of spectacular! He educated us like no one else could, and always did it with a smile! Even my kids loved to go to his office and talk to him!

If you're a first-time homebuyer, there's no better agent to have than Joe and the #1 real-estate team in San Diego's South County.

Thank you Joe, and thank you Pam, for putting together such a wonderfully talented team of agents to help make our dreams come true! You're simply the best! ----Chad, 4/17/2010