Otay Ranch Homes : Kid-Friendly Tips

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Having kids changes everything, including the factors you must consider when buying a new home. You may find yourself looking at Otay Ranch real estate, for example, rather than a sleek condo or a charming two-bedroom craftsman closer to the city. Finding a kid-friendly home takes more than the right geographic area and home size, though. There are many signs you should be looking for, including the following seven:

  1. A Yard to Play In – The size of the yard isotay ranch real estate probably one of the first things most people consider when buying a home for a family with kids, and for good reason. A tiny yard, patio or balcony simply won’t cut it.
  2. Adequate Bedrooms – Even if you only have one child, there is always a possibility that could change, and if you already have more than one child, they will need room to grow. Sharing a bedroom may work for a while, but it gets tricky once they are older and need more personal space.
  3. Space for a Playroom – It would be great to have a playroom, even if it’s only a tiny extra room. And once they outgrow the playroom, it can be used for an office, yoga room, storage space or whatever else you’d like!
  4. Family Areas – Whether you desire a dining room for family meals, a sitting room for special events or an outdoor cooking area for summer barbeques, you may want to consider this extra space when shopping for a new home, if your budget allows.
  5. Good Schools Nearby – One surefire sign of a kid-friendly home has nothing to do with the home itself. You must consider the quality of the nearest school, and the convenience of getting there.
  6. Kids in the Neighborhood – A kid-friendly home will be situated in a neighborhood where a lot of other kids live. If the area is predominantly filled with retirees or young professionals, it will probably not feel like a friendly place to your kids.
  7. Parks and Playgrounds – While a backyard is certainly a sign of a kid-friendly home, it’s also important to have places nearby where your kids can roam free. Parks and playgrounds also create a sense of community with other families.
  8. Community Center/Pool – In addition to parks and playgrounds, finding Otay Ranch real estate near a public pool or community center (such as a YMCA) would also be a great bonus for your family.

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