How to Find a Chula Vista Home That Will Grow With Your Family

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One of the hardest hit industries in the poor economy has been the housing market. This can be seen from the number of short sales and foreclosures. Out of this down economy has formed a new type of home buyer. Now, Chula Vista realtors are hearing a very different type of need from those in the market for a new house. This has been particularly the case with young families looking at homes. Instead of thinking short term, as has been done in the past, more families are looking for ways to purchase a piece of property that will last them throughout their next 10, 20 and sometimes even 30 years.

If this sounds like you,Chula Vista Realtor there are a few tips that you can follow to find a house that will grow together with your family’s needs.

  • Anticipate potential future living conditions – In today’s society, older family members are selling their homes and moving in with their children to help save money. College students are doing the same after graduation. This is just as true in the Chula Vista housing market as anywhere else. Your home will most likely be constantly shifting with residents, and it is wise to think about being able to accommodate this. A den, for example, is the perfect place for older family members to stay. Home office space can also be flexible as a guest room or bedroom.
  • Give careful consideration to the floor plan – Because you are planning to stay in your home for more than a few years, you should give careful thought to how the house was built. In some homes, a separate staircase to bedrooms or an additional entryway can help divide the house enough so that as the family shrinks, the house does not feel over consuming. You may also want to limit the number of stairs to your home if you plan to have older family members possibly living with you.
  • Be flexible in your ideas – If you have young children now, you may want the option to create a space for them in the future. Be open minded with your potential space – you may not want or need to build or add on right away, but instead can purchase a home with a basement and convert that into a recreation area when the teens are old enough.

As you begin to work with Chula Vista realtors to explore the various houses on the market, keep your future in mind and look for a house that can accommodate your changing family dynamics.

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Team Ratcliffe - McMillin Realty

My husband and I are both first time home buyers and we went through 2 other realtors before we found team ratcliffe. We worked with Joe primarily and with Pam during the escrow process. They are extremely professional and friendly, they are easy to get ahold of and willing to answer any questions you have. They also have a reference to just about anything and everything you could need a reference for. We hit about a million bumps in the road, and ones that our past realtors couldn't get us over, and we still made it out on top. They are very willing to fight for you when they need to and they make you feel like you matter as a person and not just as a paycheck. I would recommend team ratcliffe to everyone and I plan to go back to them when we sell our house! ----Krisitin S, 7/5/2010

I wanted to take a momment to give credit where credit is due. I met Matt Gover from Team Radcliff when I was out looking for a property in Eastlake. I met Matt at an open house and asked him for assistance in location a house with all amenties we required.

Matt was exceptional in finding multiple propertyies that we were able to veiw. My wife and I were impressed of the ongoing commitment and number of locations he brought us to for viewing.

The house we went into contract on, was a property that had just fallen out of escrow. Matt was on the spot and we made an immediate offer, this avoided the multiple offer bidding process.

We closed on the house and this one would have been missed if it wasn't for Matt "the bird dog" Gover!

Thanks Matt ----Bob and Gladys, 3/29/2010

We would highly recommend Joe Gover and his team to any one who wants an ethical, hard working Realtor.

We started our home buying journey with a referral to a Realtor from our bank with promise of cash back at closing... Long story short, we never even met her because she was always too "busy" for us. Next we went with a high profile Realtor who promised to be aggressive and get us a home. We soon found out that he was playing both sides and being dishonest with us. We never would have been able to get a home in this market with that Realtor. So we got a taste of the nightmare of bad Realtors in this tough foreclosure market. We needed to find a home fast as we were expecting a baby in just 2 months.

We, by chance, met Joe Gover at an open house and we remember being really impressed with his honest, candid view of the market. After we released our other Realtor we decided to call him up and give him a try. We found Joe to be extremely kind to us. Something we didn't expect but were very grateful for. He worked his butt off for us and found us a house. He handled the negotiations with the seller with absolute perfection. We almost lost the property to a cash buyer several times. Joe hung on by his teeth for us and came though in the end.

If you want the best... don't search for anyone else. Just go see Joe and team Ratcliff.

Thank you Joe. We love you ----Lisa and Ryan and Renner Taylor, 3/29/2010