Chula Vista Homes: House Updates To Make Before Moving

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Some Chula Vista homes on the market are brand new, others are recently remodeled and a few “fixer uppers” need major renovations. Regardless of the condition of your new home, chances are there are some basic improvements you could make to create a more comfortable, safe and welcoming environment. While your instincts might be to move in right away and worry about these small home improvements later, this is not the best strategy. Experts agree that it makes much more sense to take care of these updates before moving in:

1. Remove Old Wallpaper

There are some tacky wallpaper patterns out there, but even if the design is tasteful, perhaps it just doesn’t feel like your own. This is an easy job, but messy, so it’s important to complete it while the house is still empty. There are steamers you can rent, as well as chemical cleaning products to remove the wallpaper.

2. Painting the Interior

This job is just a whole lot easier when there isn’t any furniture, boxes, pets or people inhabiting the rooms. You’ll need more than paint and a roller to do it. Make sure to get all your tools ahead of time, such as painter’s tape, stencils, brushes, rollers, extenders, airless sprayers and a dispenser to pour your paint into.

3. Replace or Refinish Floors

While some Chula Vista homes have perfect flooring that the new owners adore, other homebuyers might consider replacing the carpet, vinyl or tile flooring in one, several or all of the rooms. If there are hardwood floors, there’s also a good chance they are in need of a good refinishing. You may save money with the flooring company by doing this before moving in, because of the added convenience of working in an empty home.

4. Replace the Locks

For safety’s sake, it’s a good idea to change the locks on a new home before moving in. It’s unlikely that dodgy characters are roaming around with a spare key, but you never know. A locksmith can simply rekey higher-quality locks. Older locks can be replaced with new sets found at hardware or home improvement stores.

The above suggestions are just a few of the most important house updates to make before moving in. Other ideas to consider include installing new closet systems, updating the bathrooms, painting the garage floors or creating an organized storage system. Childproofing is an important update for parents to consider, as well.

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